2016 Rule Changes

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As always, we encourage you to read the full set of rules, but here’s a summary of the changes for this year. DOWNLOAD TOURNAMENT RULES (PDF)

Schedule of Events

  • Onsite Registration on Wednesday changed from 4:00-9:00pm to 4:00-8:00pm.
  • Jackpot Entry on Thursday changed from 11:00am-3:00pm to 9:00am-noon.
  • Start of Tournament Fishing on Thursday changed from 3:00pm to noon.
  • End of Tournament Fishing on Saturday changed from 8:00pm to 6:00pm.


  • Currently the start line for the tournament’s “Shotgun Start” is the East Pass Jetties. We’re moving that out a little bit. The exact coordinates of the start line will be given at the Captain’s Meeting.
  • We’ve moving the return demarcation from the Mid-Bay Bridge to the Destin Pass Bridge.

Video Verification

  • We’ve changing the wording for recording a release to say the video must include the leader connection touching the tip of the rod, or a crew member touching the leader, then must continue to show the release of the fish.
  • We’re asking that no more than two members of the crew bring the video to the judges.
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