Reel Life International Joins Charities Supported by ECBC

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Reel Life International facilitates physical and spiritual assistance for orphans, street kids and impoverished families through long-term field partnerships combined with short-term volunteer efforts. We mobilize short-term volunteer teams to participate in projects alongside local churches, community leaders and field partners, while many generous donors provide the financial backing for our initiatives to take place.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development

The cornerstone of our work is sustainability. Realizing that handouts often lead to unhealthy dependency, we seek to join with and empower local leaders to discover sustainable ways for improving their own quality of life.

Equipping locals to improve their own community not only promotes lasting relationships based on mutual respect, but also fosters individual dignity and self-worth. By investing in relationships, we are able to witness individual growth and development which gradually leads to widespread community transformation. Only through this type of long-term individual and community focus will the root causes of abandoned and abused children, human trafficking, crime, malnutrition, preventable disease, and other social issues be alleviated.

In many ways, Reel Life serves as a conduit, allowing people from a variety of backgrounds to come together and serve those in extreme need. You are invited to participate in something truly significant… Get involved today, and “Let Your Adventure Outlive You!”

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