The gap is narrowing. If you survey the participants at most big-game tournaments in the Gulf, the majority of the anglers are males. Yet that gender imbalance is changing quickly as more and more ladies embrace the sport. And what’s equally important is they’re not just sitting idly by, acting as cheerleaders. No sir! These women are whipping and weighing fish that are the envy of their male counterparts.

So far this season, Sherry Polk (Share-E) took first place with a 651.2-pound blue marlin in the Orange Beach Billfish Classic. Sydney Turner (You Never Know!) earned top release honors in the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic and whipped the largest tuna, a 647.8-pound bluefin, at the Mobile club’s Memorial weekend event. Laurie Jones (Reel Addiction) won top tuna honors in Venice with a 165.3 yellowfin. Carrie Gerber (Cut N Run) hoisted a 506.3 blue aloft at the scales i