There is no shortage of inventors in the sport-fishing industry. A quick look at lures bears that out. From Lauri Rapala to the guys melting plastic and pouring custom trolling lures in their garage, all manner of jigs, plugs and spoons have been hatched in the never-ending quest to catch more fish.

Ditto for marine and boating accessories. Have you ever stopped to count how many different kinds of holders there are to rack a rod? It’s in the millions last time I checked. Same with tuna tubes, filet knives and leader dispensers. Companies are cranking out so many new roto-molded coolers the trademark office is working overtime.

It’s pretty obvious the widget industry is strong. And American ingenuity being what it is, I doubt it’ll slow down regardless of what the rest of the economy is doing. But if that’s the case, how long will it take before some enterprising individual invents the ultimate smartphone app? Come on, you know which one—The Ronco Popeil Pocket Forecaster that delivers perfect weather on demand.

Let yourself daydream just a moment. Imagine a Saturday tuna trip when the National Hurricane Center really does mean the latest tropical depression will dissipate in the Gulf. In a real, live human voice?

Speculate, if you will, winds ever so light and variable that they are just gentle enough to keep the no-seeums at bay as you happily filet the day’s catch. Dare to wonder about how many dolphin you’d catch when a falling barometer turns on without turning offshore into a washboard. Or the concept of spending that trip insurance premium on a custom rod instead of a hedge against the St. Thomas fishing vacation you’ve been planning for the past two years.

I know I’d gladly pony up big bucks to buy an accessory like that, if one was available. Think about how much money you’d save, not to mention time and aggravation. Wait a minute. Didn’t I read something about Ronco stock going public? I gotta call my broker.