Capt. Dave Lear

About Capt. Dave Lear

Capt. Dave Lear has been covering big-game fishing for more than two decades, first as the editor of Marlin magazine and later as an award-winning freelance writer and tournament correspondent. The former executive director of The Billfish Foundation was also the 51st angler to gain membership in the IGFA's exclusive Royal Billfish Slam Club by catching and releasing all nine species of billfish. Learn more about Dave at www.captaindavelear.com.


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In the cockpits of 79 different boats spread across the central Gulf like floating mats of sargassum, the hustle of activity is underway. Baits are being bridled, outrigger tag lines are being clipped into place, gloves and gaffs are within easy reach and adrenalin is pumping as hard as the nearby oil rigs. The 18th [...]

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