Optional Entries & Jackpots

Updated March 2, 2022

Release Division increased by $500: $2,500 fee + $175 tax = $2,675
Crew Division increased by $200: $500 fee + $35 tax = $535
Late Fee on Day of Registration: $500

If you want to enter the optional Release and/or Crew Divisions, or are ready to place your Jackpot bets, use this form. You can enter at any time up to the start of fishing (noon on Thursday). Optional entry fees (E2 & E3) include 7% Florida sales tax. There is no tax on Jackpots. A 2.5% convenience fee is added to credit card transactions. You must be entered in the Release Division (E2) to enter Release Jackpots.

Download Print Version of Optional Entry/Jackpots Form (PDF)